Monday, April 2, 2018

April Letter from the Principal

April 2018

Hello, Great Falls Parents!

It is hard to believe that spring is here and that it is time to think about class placements for next school year. Great Falls recognizes that placement requires a thoughtful review of any child’s social-emotional and academic needs. We take your child’s placement very seriously and spend a great deal of time doing our best to create balanced learning environments.

The K-5 admins are confident with our extensive placement process. Our teachers know our learners well and take great care in creating balance classrooms while considering the social, emotional, and academic needs of all of our students. Because of this consistent K-5 placement process in determining the best groupings that will maximize both teaching and learning, we are not formally requesting parent input on the placement process. There will not be a formal parent placement form sent home. If, however, you have information that you feel is important for us to consider, you may share this information with your child's teacher as they will be conducting the placement process.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions and feedback. I am available through email at and by phone at 222-1050.  Please follow my Twitter page & blog, which can be found at and

Happy Spring!
​Kindly Yours,​

​Becky Fortier